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10 Years!?!

1st Mar 2016
10 Years!?!
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Author Notes:

Roofus 1st Mar 2016
So 10 years...10 years and nearly 2 years worth of content yuk-yuk-yuk

But naw seriously, it's mental to think this has been going for 10 years - something I started at uni because I was bored. I still love doing the comic, and I still have a lot of stories to tell.

I know updates have been patchy the last year - last few months especially (personal life has been...well, know that feeling where life punches you in the dick repeatedly? That) but I thank each and every reader who keeps coming back to see if the comic's died or not.

It's not died. You can't kill the undead ;)

Thanks - Roo <3 <3


Lloxie 2nd Mar 2016
WOO! Congrats! ^___^
Brandon 4th Mar 2016
Hurray, wow 10 years, oh and the update lag is completely understandable. Web comics are time consuming and with life happens it happens. congrats!
FreyFox 5th Mar 2016
Ten years is impressive =) looking forward to future updates! Love Isabel hugging a firework!
Svarov 6th Mar 2016
This is the most awesome comic I've ever seen. Still checking this one every morning :)
Hope there will be a love/romantic story about Isabel one day...
Duke of URL 7th Mar 2016
SO glad you're finally back - missed you greatly.
That's a great parley of love...
TheCartelDude 14th Mar 2016
I like this comic well enough to write multi-sentence comments on a Playstation 3 manual-select screen keyboard.
If that's not love, what is?
I've been reading for years, and look forward to another ten years of one of the best webcomics to ever grace my screen.
FoKI 14th Mar 2017
I just read it all (almost all) today, and I think it's fun. ^^