Woods For The Trees

Going on unexplained mini-hiatuses since 2006



by Roofus on 23rd Jul 2014

Still not sure how to actually edit this site to get it how I want it - so for the timebeing, here's the links to twitter:

Comic's twitter - https://twitter.com/Woods4theTreez

My twitter (warning, irreverance awaits you) - https://twitter.com/Whatupwidat

That is all, go back to whatever shit it was you were doing.

- Roo.


by Roofus on 22nd Jan 2014

Slowly stumbling like a blind man through the coding thingydoodad. Wish I could find someone who could make it look pro rather than still basic template, but I'm a stubborn bastard :P

So Here We Are

by Roofus on 5th Sep 2013
So here we are - hopeful new home for Isabel, Reuben, and Jess.
Now to spend another few hours getting it all uploaded....oh Christ...