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Parting Words

4th Sep 2015 in Consumer Wrongs
Parting Words
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Roofus 4th Sep 2015 edit delete
They make a sweet couple, don't they? :P
Roofus 8th Jan 2016 edit delete
So some may have noticed the half finished Xmas based story has been pulled...reason for this is I can't think of how to end it and as of writing it's January 8th.

My plan for the moment is to return the comic on FEBRUARY 14th which will be it's 10th birthday so there won't be any comics until that time. Sorry.

Hopefully you all understand - this isn't being done due to laziness, but more I'm having a real hard time balancing doing a strip that requires me to be funny and whimsical and having a job that leaves me feeling anything but...

So again, back FEBRUARY 14th!

- Roo


Roo 5th Oct 2015 edit delete reply
Well that update didn't happen - PC essploded so I've had to replace that. Now waiting on stuff and yadda yadda, basically dunno when comic'll be back.

Now you see where the tagline comes from :P
Duke of URL 19th Oct 2015 edit delete reply
It's October 19 - nothing new since September 4 - progress?
No worries man, that happen to me one time. thankfully my comics not up yet. but yeah don't feel rushed
Leemr 16th Feb 2016 edit delete reply
So it's February 16th, unless you meant February in 2017, i wonder what's going on?
D-Rock 17th Feb 2016 edit delete reply
Things happen, I'm sure.
TheCartelDude 18th Feb 2016 edit delete reply
How sweet! I do enjoy a heartfelt ending. Here's to another ten years! We shall endeavor to persevere until the next update... Assuming it's not September 17, 2042. Got a doctor's appointment that day.