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Ulterior Motive

3rd Aug 2015 in Consumer Wrongs
Ulterior Motive
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Author Notes:

Roofus 3rd Aug 2015 edit delete
Here's Monday's (shut up I'm totally uploading this on Monday who says I forgot and did it on Tuesday? Cuz he's an asshole) strip where we find out their big night wasn't actually Brian's plan at all.


Lloxie 6th Aug 2015 edit delete reply
EEEE this is just turning out so cute, I love it! >w<
Axion Tiger 6th Aug 2015 edit delete reply
Ah, the standard motive of gays, to turn others to their way.
Conn1496 6th Aug 2015 edit delete reply
Pretty sure it's the standard motive of Brian to be a sarcastic git, too. :P