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Morning Has Broken

29th May 2015 in Consumer Wrongs
Morning Has Broken
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Roofus 29th May 2015 edit delete
Hey, back - soz I was ill for a LOT of the last month with flu followed by my tonsils rebelling against me due to my lowered immune system or something.

But hey, here's a comic - and another on Monday. And maybe Friday IF you eat your greens.


Jake Elmer 30th May 2015 edit delete reply
I kinda was hoping this would happen ^^
Conn1496 30th May 2015 edit delete reply
*insert generic lame joke about them going at it like animals because I can't think of any other witty puns or something* :'D
Drako 9th Aug 2015 edit delete reply
Hey, one of them Is a fox. Fennec, yes, but still a fox.