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21st Nov 2014 in Consumer Wrongs
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Roofus 21st Nov 2014 edit delete
A girls got to have priorities - especially when high explosive is involved.

Don't worry - the next comics will be a lot less brown ^^
Roofus 26th Nov 2014 edit delete
So my scanner has farted itself to death - so comics will be delayed for maybe another week.

Roofus 4th Dec 2014 edit delete
Ok, so the new scanner I ordered was a dud and the comic'll be on forced hiatus until next year most likely - at least story wise.

I'll do a pic for Xmas though, because...y'know. Santa and shit.
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FreyFox 21st Nov 2014 edit delete reply
Well as James May said, brown was a very 70s colour! ^^.
WolfGang Jake 22nd Nov 2014 edit delete reply
I can't wait to see Isabel & Jess blow up stuff
Mr.Roofus you're a Genius :)