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17th Nov 2014 in Consumer Wrongs
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Roofus 17th Nov 2014 edit delete
Isabel can be very caring when she's not setting things on fire.
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Svarov 18th Nov 2014 edit delete reply
That gamepad in Jess' paws look strange to me.
Is it controller of some new modern console I never heard of? Don't know why it draws my attention that much...
Roofus 18th Nov 2014 edit delete reply
It's a Nintendo WiiU - or meant to be anyway. But don't ask where Isabel got/stole it from ;P
Svarov 20th Nov 2014 edit delete reply
Heh, thanks man.

I didn't even know Nintendo released something after original Wii. I always hear about some Playstation vs Xbox wars, but not about Wii.