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The Deal

6th Oct 2014 in Consumer Wrongs
The Deal
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Roofus 6th Oct 2014 edit delete
Sorry for the lack of comics the last month, one thing lead to another...then was sick on that thing, then I'd only just finished cleaning that when the portal to the underworld opened and...well, you know the rest.
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Conn1496 7th Oct 2014 edit delete reply
Aaah, wonderful... -and so it begins. xD (Where's Isabel's jaunty hat and cane!? *scoff*)
This I gotta See :D
Svarov 8th Oct 2014 edit delete reply
Hooray for update!

Man, sometimes I think Isabel is becoming more evil with each strip... But she actually is a good friend, isn't she?
I think of Isabel as an Anti-Hero
A person who acts bad but still is good.
She may have got Reuben in a bit of a situation
But she got Brian a Date right?
Conn1496 8th Oct 2014 edit delete reply
@WolfGang-Jake Yeah, she is kinda an anti-hero. She's good natured, but her humour is absoloutely terrible, so she can seem like a bad person at even the best of times. lol
Roofus 9th Oct 2014 edit delete reply
Yeah, you have to take the rough with the smooth - and Isabel is mighty rough :P
Everybody has a good nature into them one must look
Deep down :)
Svarov 9th Oct 2014 edit delete reply
Right... I remember that she offered Reuben a place to stay, her own foxhole, when he had troubles. That's a good act and shows Isabel as a good nature person indeed!

P.S. Wait... didn't I forget to mention something? :)
Roofus 11th Oct 2014 edit delete reply
Well yeah Svarov, you forgot to mention that it was her fault she had to be nice to Reuben in the first place :D

But yeah, like you say, she's not heartless xD