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The Offer

18th Aug 2014 in Consumer Wrongs
The Offer
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Roofus 18th Aug 2014 edit delete
Roofus 23rd Aug 2014 edit delete
Just an update - might be a...while until the next comic as work is a BITCH for the next week and I'll probably be spending the time I used to draw comics instead lying in the foetal position sucking my fist.
Roofus 30th Sep 2014 edit delete
Update 2 - soz for the prolonged absence; not been feeling good for a while so I took some time off arting and stuff ^^
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Conn1496 18th Aug 2014 edit delete reply
Yes, Isabel. If all else fails - pimping. Is there nothing that vixen will do? xD

[Edit]: Also, big ol' gay rainbow in the second panel? Foreshadowing? Maybe so. :'V
WolfGang-Jake 18th Aug 2014 edit delete reply
Give him Reuben :D
She wouldn't... would she?
D-Rock 25th Aug 2014 edit delete reply
I see that Isabel is trying her hand (paw?) at being a Player In a Management Position.