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Offensive Assumptions

12th May 2014 in Consumer Wrongs
Offensive Assumptions
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Guest 13th May 2014 edit delete reply
...-and thus, we learn that "off-screen" events are just as telling as what we actually see in the comic. xD
CoreyFox 13th May 2014 edit delete reply
Yeah. He's definitely sexy now... now that his neckerchief is gone forever. (I hope)
Svarov 13th May 2014 edit delete reply
Hey, hey, hey! Don't touch the neckerchief! It's actually pretty cool and I hope Reubs will get it back... somehow.

It's like... Darkwing Duck without cloak or hat O_o Can you imagine that? It's something that makes a character even more special ;)
Conn1496 13th May 2014 edit delete reply
CoreyFox: You are aware he's a /non-anthropomorphic/ fox, right?.. O.o

Svarov: Totally agree. It's kinda like if you took the collars off one of the other characters. Doesn't quite work. -and Reuben's neckerchief is even more personal to him than it is a collar, so...

Take note though people - I know Reuben's lack of a neckerchief is definately not a permanent change.
CoreyFox 14th May 2014 edit delete reply
Of course I'm aware. I don't know what it is, but since seeing 101 Dalmatians: The Series, when feral animals are without their neck accessories, it turns me on (depending on how they're drawn.)

Even if Reuben does get his neckerchief back, at least I won in the battle to have a character in a comic change his style before. For a while, main character Sean from the webcomic CoyoteVille would alternate between a bandana or vest or just go naked. Eventually, I suggested to the creator that if Sean can't make up his mind what to wear, he should just be naked forever, and the creator said yes, and that's why to this day, Sean remains as natural as his feral counterparts.

And JSYK, Svarov, I never liked Darkwing Duck. :P
Svarov 14th May 2014 edit delete reply
2Conn1496: Good to hear that, thanks! Honestly, I always wanted to know the truth about Reuben's neckerchief. Especially after "Twisted Sisters" story.

2CoreyFox: So in other words, there is a comic where could be a cool-looking-bandanna-wearing coyote but you eventually ruined it all?! That wasn't so nice, Mister :P
Don't take things too seriously, man...
Conn1496 15th May 2014 edit delete reply
Svarov: There's a pretty good story to Reuben's neckerchief actually, but I'll let Thom tell that one in due time. He'll do a better job of it. :P (Plus he told me to avoid telling /any/ spoilers, which I generally try not to anyway. lol Though, did get a slight wrist-slap for noting that Reuben's neckerchief-less-ness wasn't permanent. :X)
WolfGang-Jake 14th May 2014 edit delete reply
My theory is that Isabel is going to stick up the store