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Rude Awakening

9th Apr 2014 in Consumer Wrongs
Rude Awakening
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Author Notes:

Roofus 9th Apr 2014 edit delete
First in new story - going for 2 a week...derped this one, but hopefully Monday and Friday from here on in.
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Conn1496 10th Apr 2014 edit delete reply
Woo! Hopefully, this story arc should mark you getting back into action with the comic. :D

Hmm... I wonder what's to happen (*sarc* I already know.). :P
CoreyFox 10th Apr 2014 edit delete reply
So... you decided to heed my suggestion after all. Thanks, friend. :)
Svarov 11th Apr 2014 edit delete reply
I always love how those cute cartoony animals swear like... sailor? Or shoemaker? I don't know what reference you English people use :)

Also, "shopping" with pyromaniacal fox is a little dangerous.
D-Rock 15th Apr 2014 edit delete reply
I've stayed up all night once. Never making that mistake again.