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The Fridge Scene

25th Nov 2013 in Kaboomas
The Fridge Scene
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Conn1496 26th Nov 2013 edit delete reply
Keeping fireworks in the fridge keeps 'em crisp and fresh - ready to explode (-apparently.). :P
D-Rock 27th Nov 2013 edit delete reply
Blew him right out of his scarf.
And now he has no flan, either. Not the greatest of days, is it?
Zarpaulus 29th Nov 2013 edit delete reply
No home, no flan, and no bandana. What is he to do now?
CoreyFox 1st Mar 2014 edit delete reply
That explosion likely destroyed Reuben's spare bandanas, too. If I ever see him wearing it again... well... that's cartoon logic for you. ;-)