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The 500th Strip

11th Nov 2013 in 500
The 500th Strip
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Roofus 11th Nov 2013 edit delete
I seriously mean this. Thank you to everyone EVERYONE that has ever read, shared, commented on, liked, or favourited anything to do with the comic.

You are absolutely awesome.

Thank you :)
Roofus 11th Nov 2013 edit delete
Also - it says "502" at the top because of the guest strips - which don't count XP
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D-Rock 12th Nov 2013 edit delete reply
Wow, they did get everyone.

Also, congrats! This is quite the milestone.
Svarov 12th Nov 2013 edit delete reply
Holy cow! I remember when I discovered this comic on some site in Russian translation. It had only 100 translated strips but it got me and then I started to read it in English. Thank you sir for this amazing comic; two cups of hot tea for you! Or what you like the most... beer?

P.S. Oh, just found this site. It has a normal comment stuff - nice :) And shouldn't www.woodsforthetrees.com redirects here instead of comicgenesis?
Conn1496 19th Nov 2013 edit delete reply
Hooray, happy 500 strips! :D Here's to much more to come. *cheers*