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Never Do Translations Drunk

 Never Do Translations Drunk
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Roofus 28th Jun 2013 edit delete
"ゴジラ" is pronounced "Gojira", the Japanese spelling and pronunciation for Godzilla....or at least it would be if ゴジラ was what I'd got Reuben saying. I've only just realised upon getting this question I've accidentally misspelt the Japanese word. So instead of "ゴジラ" I've written "ゴリラ" - which means Reuben is actually shouting "GORILLA!"

I could of course edit this, but I actually prefer that Reuben is basically trying to be clever and speak a foreign language but failing spectacularly.

Serendipity, even if I had to commit the cardinal sin of explaining it in the comments again - but given it was meant to just be a silly reference originally I'm gonna go with "sod it, it'll do" and go get another beer.
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