Woods For The Trees

Going on unexplained mini-hiatuses since 2006

Author Notes:

Roofus 5th Apr 2016 edit delete
Nothing to see here... :P
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Guest 6th Apr 2016 edit delete reply
Hey good to see you're still alive XD
Brandon 9th Apr 2016 edit delete reply
Is she saying legit or leg it?
FreyFox 12th Apr 2016 edit delete reply
Leg it ;)
Brandon 26th Apr 2016 edit delete reply
Interesting, but informative. Never heard that phrase before.
Conn1496 26th Apr 2016 edit delete reply
It's likely just not slang where you live. :P Pretty sure as a term it's mostly a British Isles thing.
Brandon 6th May 2016 edit delete reply
Well I live in California and over here slings change constantly so for all we know leg it could make it here at some point but anyway thank you both for clearing that up for me. I was confused when I thought she said legit but leg it now makes perfect sense.
Brandon 25th Sep 2016 edit delete reply
Will we ever see more or is this the end of woods for the trees?
Colliefan 28th Oct 2016 edit delete reply
Is this over now?
From what I heard, Roofus is on a hiatus, so do not expect anything from him until his hiatus ends. But this still will give him plenty to do for what could be next.